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This site is dedicated to providing interesting information about places to see in Athens and its surrounding areas, particularly those places not normally mentioned in the guide books.
It is designed to be useful for Athens residents, tourists and a resource for archaeology and other students.

Coordinates are provided which can be entered in a GPS navigator or copied & pasted into Google Earth.
The topics will continue to be researched and further information added.

Hadrian's Aqueduct

This aqueduct was completed in 140 AD on the orders of the Roman Emperor Hadrian and was still supplying
Athens with water in the 1920's at which time it became inadequate and was replaced by the Marathon Dam.

The Silver Mines & Mine Workshops of Lavrio
Ancient Athens relied on the Silver Mines of Lavrio to provide the funding for many of its great projects.
The mine workshops were where the rough lead-silver ore was refined and converted into silver.


The Legrena Valley
This valley in the Lavrio area is rich in the remains of ancient mining activities.


The Chasm at Chaos - Near Ag. Konstandinos

A spectacular hole in the ground.


Ancient Marble Quarries on Mount Pendeli
Recent scientific advances have enabled the identification of the actual Parthenon (Elgin) Marble quarries


Davelis Cave - Mount Pendeli

A large cave with much history and many unsolved mysteries


Sanctuary of the Egyptian Gods - Nea Makri
This lovely temple (together with Roman baths) suprisingly built by the Roman governor Herodes Atticus


Sanctuary of Dionysos - Dionysos

A small, secluded temple recently having undergone partial reconstruction.
This section also includes information about the legends & festivals of Dionysos.


Marble Sculptures Exhibition - Dionysos

An open-air collection of imaginitave marble sculptures - made from marble extracted from the Dionysos quarry


Marble Quarry Open Museum - Dionysos

Facinating structures built by the marble quarry workers of Dionysos


The Parthanon Marbles

Images and information about the marble panels that surrounded the inner frieze of the Parthanon






Ancient Mycenae

The ancient fortified acropolis of Mycenae from where king Agamemnon set off with his troops to launch an attack on Troy.











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