The Ancient Mine Workshops of Lavrio

Souriza's Valley, near Aghios Konstadinos, Attiki, Greece

Geographical coordinates of main gate: 37°41' 31.76" N, 24° 01' 01.80" E


Location of sign: 37° 41' 34.80" N, 24° 00' 52.52" E

The parking area is 250 metres down the side-road from here.


EU-funded archaeological excavation program of the metallurgical workshops


Horizontal scroll -> to see a panoramic view of Souriza's valley (Spring season) -
one of the driest and hottest areas in Attiki


The steps leading down to the ancient workshops
from the parking area


The channel directing the water from the hillside to the cisterns


Remains of workshop buildings


Rectangular ore washeries on the right (in roped enclosure)


Longer view of previous scene


Horizontal scroll -> to see a panoramic view of Souriza's valley & workshops from a hillside opposite


The workshops (2009) - still being excavated by the archaeologists


The workshops from another angle.
Note the water channel on the left which supplied water to the cisterns
and was supplied with rain water gathered from the hills behind.

A close-up view of the bottom-end of the workshops.
The water channel lies elevated along the left-hand side of the valley
and the cisterns are located below the channel along the centre of the valley.



The feed channel to the sedimentation tank coming from the main water channel (right)
and the small channel feeding the water clarified water to the cistern (left) can be clearly seen.

Same cistern from another angle


A square cistern with rounded corners


Circular cistern


An almost rectangular cistern.
Note the fine plastering -
still intact after 2,500 years.


Large cistern


Large cistern - another view


Circular cistern - still able to hold water after 2,500 yeras


Remains of a large square-shaped cistern


Small rectangular cistern



Horizontal scroll -> to see a panoramic view from inside a massive cistern


The large sedimentation tank leading to the same massive cistern.
Note the water feed channels


Large, round cistern


Round cistern partly build above ground.
The wall section without earth support behind it -
had to be strongly built (thick) to withstand the water pressure.
Typically these unsupported cisterns have not survived intact.


A large cistern with crumbling freestanding walls.

Another cistern with once partly-freestanding walls