The Ancient Mine Workshops of Lavrio

Asklepiakon workshop, near Aghios Konstadinos, Attiki, Greece

Also known as

Simos of Paiania's workshop

This is located a little further down the valley from the Souriza's valley workshop

Geographical coordinates of main gate: 37° 41' 25.63'' N, 24° 01' 19.24'' E


The main gate (175 metres further down the path to the right than this small gate) is a 1.25 Km walk
or 4W-drive from the Ag. Triada church located just off the main road at:
37° 41' 46.75" N, 24° 01' 04.72" E


Workshop owner's marker stone


Lettering "painted-in" in PhotoShop to make more visible.
The name Simos is clearly readable.


Professional photo clearly showing the lettering.

The word ASKALIPIA-KON (the KON rolling to the next line) is now clearly visible


Diagram of the workshop - showing the cisterns (black),
the rectangular washeries (shaded) and the outlines
of the dwellings where the owner and workers lived.

(Acknowledgement to the Lavrio Museum publication ISBN 960-214-219-7)







In this large cistern the steps the slaves would
have used for retrieving water have been well preserved.


Another large cistern with well-preserved steps



The channel connecting the primary or sedimentation tank (foreground)
to the main cistern (background) can be clearly seen.