Maps of the Lavrio area

Legend for map below

Map showing Lavrio (right), Sounio (bottom)
Ag. Konstadinos (upper-left) and the Souriza's
valley area mines & workshops (dotted box)


Souriza's valley, Asklipiakon & Michalis mines & workshops
(expanded box from previous map)
Note: Parking area at top - from where it is just a
short walk down to the nearest excavated cisterns & workshops.


Detailed map of the Lavrio area & Sounio National Park
(Turquoise arrows show the way from Athens to Souriza's valley)


Map of Thorikos & Velatouri mountain showing location of the Ancient Theatre,
Mycenaean Tombs,
ancient silver-mine shafts & washeries, etc
The Lavrio power station is located bottom right & it's tall chimneys dominate the area.


The Lavrio Museum
The ROAD company map of Attiki