Directions to the Metallurgical Workshop
and Helicoidal Washery at Dimoulaki


Starting at the petrol station in the centre of Aghios Konstandinos:

Location: 37° 43' 30.35" N, 24° 00' 51.10" E

- Set your odometer to zero

- Drive in a westerly direction (bends) keeping on the same road

- Exit the village (trees will appear on both sides of the road)

- A sign will indicate that you are leaving Ag. Konstandinos

- A church will appear on the right. Prepare to turn.

- At 2.6 kilometres turn right (you will notice a road going to Legrena on the left)

- At 5.7 kilometres notice the back of a brown sign on the left for an ancient gravesite (Tafikos)
  (37° 44' 51.11'' N, 23° 59' 59.12'' E)

- At 6.4 kilometres see the back of the sign on the left for the Workshop of Dimoulaki


Satellite image showing the route from the Ag. Konstandinos petrol station


Nearing the right-hand turn


Approaching the right-hand turn


The right-hand turn (panoramic view, so circularly distorted). Notice the little red-roofed shrine on the right.


The grave site by the roadside (with back of sign showing)


The grave site from the opposite direction


Approaching the helicoidal washery & workshop site (on the left). Note the back of the sign.

Walk past the sign and along the path through the trees on the left to arrive at the site.


The sign from the opposite direction.


Close-up photo of the sign


Satellite image of the site.
Approach the site from the road on the right - from the bottom