The Sanctuary of Dionysos

Dionysos, Northern Athens

Reconstruction - October 2001


The old metal gate to the Sanctuary - displaying the map of the site

Close up of the site layout

The 3-dimensional puzzle that the archaeologists were confronted with

More of the puzzle

Precious pieces scattered all over the site. Notice the carved throne.

A dual seat carved out of solid marble

A perfectly-carved round solid-marble container

A view of the scaffolding system - required to enable the heavy pieces of stone
to be lifted and moved to the work area for repair and then to be moved to their final position.

Blocks being positioned with wooden supports while plaster casts are taken of missing parts

More plaster casts are being taken. The casts are often reinforced with wire and steel rods

Here the cast with reinforcing rods & carrying handle can clearly be seen

End view of Choregic Monument of Agnias

Side view of Choregic Monument of Agnias under reconstruction

Main view of Choregic Monument of Agnias under reconstruction.
The July 2001 photos show just the concrete plinth and a few stones of the first layer in place -
so great progress has been made since then.