The Sanctuary of Dionysos

Dionysos, Northern Athens

Reconstruction - July 2001


The sign pointing to the Sanctuary

The old wire fence & metal gate to the Sanctuary - the gate displaying the map of the site

The sign saying that the Sanctuary of Dionysos is located in the area whose ancient name was IKARIA
- and that the site was also dedicated to PYTHIAN APOLLO.

The site dates from the FOURTH CENTURY  BC

Site plan - showing the CHOREGIC Monument of AGNIAS
(which is undergoing immense reconstruction effort)
-and the Temple of Apollo

Note: Choregic may refer to the Greek chorus - a group of dancers/singers

Plan of the Theatre. Note the area at the front called the Orchestra.

Lower part of the plan.

Dual seat carved out of solid marble

Seat carved out of solid marble

Marble container - possibly for ritual washing

Square column

A base for a statue?

Recess to hold a column?

Part of a circular base?

Pieces of a circular enclosure?

Stone wall

More pieces of the puzzle

Scaffolding and hoist for moving the stone blocks

The Archaeologists are taking plaster casts as models to create missing parts out of new marble

Close-up of the cast

An early phase in reconstructing the CHOREGIC Monument of AGNIAS.
A concrete plinth hash been laid to replace the original foundation -
and the original stone blocks are being identified and laid in place.

View of the bank leading up to the perimeter fence, gate and the road

View of the wooded area inside the Sanctuary

More pine trees

View of the local hills from the Sanctuary