Athens -to- Legrena (near Sounio), Greece


Note 1: The distances below were measured by car odometer and may not agree exactly with another car's odometer - due to various factors including tyre wear it could vary by 10%.

Resetting the odometer at known positions eliminates the accumulated mileage error.

Note 2: The distance from Ano Melissia (close to Kifissia) in Northern Athens -to- Legrena church was measured by odometer to be 68 Km


Drive North on Kifissias Ave., filter RIGHT onto Katahaki street (be careful not go straight under the underpass), continue on Katahaki crossing Mesogian Ave. Filter right and join the Attiki Odos motorway (this section is called the Immitos Ring as it circles Mount Immitos). When it joins the main Attiki Odos motorway, take the Markopoulo direction.

- Get on the Attiki Odos motorway heading in the direction of Markopoulo.

NOW, keep straight on, DO NOT turn into the right lane for the El. Venizelos International Airport. (Reset your Odometer here at the airport road junction road-divide)

(If coming directly from the AIRPORT, first follow the signs for Athens, then take the Attiki Odos motorway in the direction for Markopoulo. Reset your Odometer when on the start of the slip road joining the motorway)

- At 2.0 Km  The Attiki Odos motorway ends (this is just before Markopoulo)

- At 4.0 Km  At the traffic lights, keep straight for Keratea / Lavrio, do not turn left into Markopoulo

- Enjoy the new dual carriageway through the hills & most of the way to Lavrio

- At 9.5 Km   Little sign says Lavrio (reassurance)

- At 14.9 Km  Do not turn right for Keratea village, keep straight on the dual carriageway

- At 17.3 Km  notice giant concrete statues on the right

- At 25.7 Km  notice wind farm generators on the hills on the left side

- At 30.5 Km  notice power station and the sea on the left side

- At 31.5 Km  enter the avenue of the palms

- Continue straight & then bear right with the main road and enter Lavrio town high-street

The Lavrio-to-Legrena section of the journey:

- Drive along the Lavrio high-street (you pass along a long, wide dividing island on your left, with shops to your right)

- Pass a small sidewalk petrol station on your right (Reset your Odometer here)

- At 150 m  pass a small roundabout on your left (turning left at the roundabout would take you to the marina & seafront).

Keep straight and exit Lavrio (this is the coastal road leading to Sounio and
the Temple of Poseidon)

- At 8.6 Km  pass the turnoff for the Temple of Poseidon at Sounio on the left.

- At 11.6 Km  TURN RIGHT at The Maritha Fish Taverna into Leoforos Theseos & enter Legrena (If you miss this turning you will almost immediately see a large EU administrative building on the right)

- At 12.35 Km  pass the church called Panagia Eleousa on the right-hand side of Leoforos Theseos.

(Reset your Odometer here at the steps of the church - for the journey to Aghios Konstadinos)


The Maritha Fish Taverna on the coastal road at Legrena
(Turn RIGHT here)

TURN RIGHT at The Maritha Fish Taverna into Leoforos Theseos
(also notice the sign here for the Panagia Eleousa church)

The large EU administrative building in Legrena.
The sea & beach is to the left-hand side of the road.
(Oops! you have just passed the turning, so go back)

The Panagia Eleousa church in Legrena on Theseos Avenue.
(The only church in Legrena).
Reset your Odometer here for the journey to Aghios Konstadinos!